All about colour, medicinal-glam and fierce self expression.

Hand-crafted resin earrings ranging from studs to statement dangles, in a array of trending colours and unique patterns.

I've loved colour, medicinal glam and fierce self-expression from way back when I was first called "Houlahoops" as a school-yard play on my family name.
When making Houlahoops, it starts with being inspired by colours - whether it's an outfit or an activity I call "colour wheel bingo"!
I mix my colours with the resin liquids, choose a shape, then pour away into a unique pattern.
Sometimes drops and dots, sometimes block colours, sometimes marbel effect, even glitter when I'm feelin' it.

And voilà! A hand-crafted pair of resin earrings is created.
Interested in custom or wholesaler orders?